Check-in and Chat Q&A

Regional Welfare Manager, Aimee Hockley-Righton, tells us more about Racing Welfare's Check-in and Chat service.


We recently spoke to Regional Welfare Manager, Aimee Hockley-Righton, who told us more about Racing Welfare’s Check-in and Chat service and the positive impact it has had on those using the service.

Can you tell us a bit about Racing Welfare’s Check-in and Chat service?
The Check-in and Chat service is a holistic provision which aims to tackle loneliness and isolation. It offers people time to chat to a volunteer on the phone, all of whom are fully trained, and allows them to feel connected to another person. Phone calls can be daily or weekly depending on the needs of the beneficiary.
Who is the service for?
Check-in and Chat is for everyone. Sometimes there is a misconception that only people access the service. However, we know that young people benefit equally from the service just as older people do. Loneliness can affect anyone of any age.
What has the reaction been to the service?
The reaction to Check-in and Chat has been very positive and it really has been life changing for some of our beneficiaries. Even those who are new to the service have said they feel the benefit and it is something they enjoy and look forward to.
Can you give us an example of the impact that Check-in and Chat has had on those using it?
Absolutely. One of the service’s beneficiaries is a gentleman who has been using the service daily. The support has allowed him to rely less on family and has in turn opened up some amazing new opportunities for him. He has built up a rapport with the volunteer who has encouraged him to attend a local art group and coffee mornings pre-COVID. It’s great that the support he has received has helped him to reconnect socially which is the aim of the service. His new social activities have been a great way for him to meet new people and have given him a whole new lease of life.
What do you expect for the service in the future and how do people sign up?
We expect the service to keep on growing and we have experienced some new sign ups following lockdown.

To sign up to our Check-in and Chat service, please click here or speak your local Racing Welfare team.