Some bills are more important than others

Which bills to pay first?

Why is it important to pay bills?

Priority bills need to be paid first. Not doing so can have serious consequences like being evicted if you don't pay your rent or facing a large fine if you don't pay your TV licence.

The most important bills to pay first are:

If you cannot pay money you owe to any of these organisations you need to let them know immediately.

Other money you owe

Are you behind with other money that you owe, such as a hire purchase or an outstanding doorstep loan? If so, you may feel pressured to pay these before your priority bills, especially if they send letters that sound more threatening or if they knock on your door. You should, however, continue to pay your priority bills first.

"Keep paying your priority bills first - this will keep a roof over your head and help you avoid costly fines or having your energy supplies cut off."

Get help with money you owe

Do get help with your other debts as soon as you can - if you cannot pay money that you owe there will be a solution and an experienced money advisor can help you with this.

Look at our section on Help with Debts or give us a ring - don't delay - once you are in debt it can quickly become very stressful and you don't need to try and solve this on your own.

Contact us now on 0800 6300 443 

*Loan sharks

If you owe money to a Loan Shark get help immediately. A loan shark is an unlicensed money lender - they often charge very high interest rates and can be very threatening and difficult. Help is available to anyone who has been the victim of a Loan Shark. It's free, confidential and can give you any protection and support you may need.

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