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Are you feeling stressed? You may be experiencing stress due to work commitments or issues in your personal life. Physically demanding jobs, early starts and long and/or antisocial hours synonymous with the racing industry may add to your stress levels. There are ways you can manage your stress and we are here to offer you support and advice.

What is Stress?

Stress can affect you in a number of ways and is primarily a physical response to help you combat threats or difficulties. Stress causes your body to go in to ‘fight or flight’ mode and release a number of chemicals and hormones which lead to increased adrenaline and other physical reactions. If stress becomes a constant in your life and is not dealt with, it may affect your physical and mental health. There is no need to suffer in silence if you are experiencing the following signs of stress.

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5 Ways to Manage Stress

1. Share your problem with family and friends – if you are feeling overwhelmed then reach out to those closest to you. Simply telling someone can help relieve your stress levels and you may receive extra support.

2. Exercise and eat healthily – being active can reduce your symptoms of stress, even just a daily short walk can help. Maintaining a healthy diet without skipping meals or eating the wrong foods can also be effective.

3. Take a break or a holiday  - time away from work and your daily routine can help your mental health and leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

4. Practice mindfulness – medical research has shown that as little as ten minutes of mindfulness (clearing your mind and focusing on the present) per day can help to reduce stress. You may find mindfulness podcasts and apps helpful.

5. Take time for your interests and hobbies – try to make time for your favourite activities when you can clear your head and enjoy your favourite pastime without worries or pressure.

Get Support Now

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Are you struggling to cope with stress through lockdown due to COVID-19? Here is some advice and guidance to help you from the World Health Organisation.

Are you unable to cope at work or at home due to stress? Our advisors are here to help you and provide specialist support.

You may also find the following information helpful:

We also provide online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Specialist Counselling which can help you combat stress.

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