A translation service for Racing Welfare

Language Line service

Did you know that even if English is not your first language you can still access information, advice and support through Racing's Support Line?

Often when people present wanting help and advice, but English is not their first language, they may bring a friend along to translate on their behalf.  However, we can never totally rely on the quality of the translation or that the advice we are giving has been understood.  Therefore, we have introduced this new service to Racing's Support Line to ensure people are getting appropriate advice and that language is not a barrier to this.

Language Line is a free telephone translation service available to anyone who works in the thoroughbred racing and breeding industry through Racing's Support Line. It is very simple and can be used in a variety of different situations.

  • By self-referral and calling Racing's Support Line to request the personal translation service.
  • Through your local welfare officer who can use it during a face to face appointment allowing you to receive help from Racing Welfare even if English is not your first language.
  • Your employer can phone and request translated advice and support with you present.

Racing's workforce are already making use of this facility and some employers have found it particularly useful for example as an aid to go through complicated induction paperwork with new staff.  These are just some examples of where it has been used in the past the possibilities are endless.

For common languages there is no need to book, just ask your Welfare Officer to make the call or telephone 0800 6300 443 yourself.  Less common languages will need to be booked in advance so if you need to use the service with your welfare officer just let them know before your appointment.


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