Introducing CATS

Careers Advice & Training Service

What is the Careers Advice and Training Service?

The Careers Advice and Training Service (CATS) is a facility to support people who wish to develop their careers in racing and is funded by The Racing Foundation. There are many circumstances in which people may wish to make contact with CATS. Sometimes it's due to a change in their situation that prompts them to seek advice, such as no longer being able to perform their duties in their current role. Other times, they want to progress within their role or to a different role in racing, and are unsure how they can do this, or just want information about training that is available to them.

The British horseracing industry employs people in a wide variety of roles and settings, with a range of skills and knowledge that are quite specialist, yet transferable.  CATS recognises this and its mission is to enable racing's employees to build on their existing qualities, plan their next steps and enjoy a long, successful and fulfilling career in racing.  

CATS support is tailored to each individual, depending on what they would like and their needs. This could mean anything from simply answering a question or providing information, through to careers coaching sessions.

Here are some examples of areas of support available through CATS:

  • Racing careers advice
  • Careers coaching
  • Applications for available funding for training
  • Job search
  • Job applications
  • CV writing
  • Interviews

Who can access support through CATS?

Anybody who works, or has worked in the British horseracing industry can access support. Examples of the areas in which people may have worked in racing include: stables, studs, racecourses, training providers, transportation, administration, regulation, finance, and support services.

If you work or have worked in any role within the racing industry, and have a question or would like support with anything related to your career and / or training, get in touch.

How can I access support?

Call the Careers Advice and Training Service support line on 0800 6300 443 to speak to an advisor.

There are also articles with information and advice available online through Racing's Support Line:


What will happen next?

A CATS telephone session will be arranged for a day and time to suit you. You will speak with a trained advisor who will assist you with the next steps in your racing career by working alongside you to: answer any questions you might have, assess your current situation, explore the options available to you and offer further support based on your career and / or training needs.



Racing Welfare works in partnership with racing's own designated team, Careers Advice and Training Services (CATS); your organisation for all things careers and training. Together, we provide practical advice, guidance and support from exploring your career and retraining options, to applying for jobs.

Click here for more information about the support available for your career and training needs.

If you need to talk to someone confidentially then don't hesitate to contact our team.

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